Knaptoft Medieval FishPonds.


POOLS 1-2-3-4-5.


ADDRESS:     Knaptoft House Farm

                     Bruntingthorpe Road, Nr Shearsby,

                     Leics.  LE17 6PR.


If you click on this web address a map will take about 30 to 40 secs to download.


Go to the lower right corner of the map, CLICK on the '-' symbol to get the

OS map, CLICK again for a road map.

The point of the arrow is the exact position of the farm, two of the pools are shown just below the 'P' of PONDS.


There is NO access to the pools from HALL  FARM, KNAPTOFT.

Do not turn off the A5199 (A50) at the `KNAPTOFT, Church Ruins` sign.

The farm entrance is on `Bruntingthorpe Road` between Shearsby and Bruntingthorpe,


WINTER: Cars can be parked on the car

                   park at the end of the farm

                   drive. Then go through the gate

                   and follow the track to the pools

                   (about 300yds).



                    Whenever conditions permit

                    cars may be driven up to a

                    parking area next to Pool 1.

                    A sign at the end of the farm

                    drive indicates when this is


Please do NOT drive up when the'CLOSED' sign is up.

You may get stuck.

Recovery Charge 25.00p(min)

The poolside parking has made the pools much more accessible for anyone with mobility problems. It is now only yards to the bank on Pool 1 from a car.

The banks can be slippery.   Take Care!


Rod Licences.

Remember!  Your rod licence expires on the 31st March.

Have you got a valid licence.

Buy one on-line click here

or from your local Post Office.