Anglers most common questions.

How BIG are the carp?

                                        The majority of the mirror carp are between 1lb - 6lb. There are 6 -12lb mirrors scattered through all the pools in small numbers. The compact nature of the water means that everyone has a good chance of landing these fish. Roach and Rudd

vary from a few ounces to 1 1/2 lb + (best in pools 4+5)

The Tench tend to be quite elusive

Weights from 1/2lb -2lb+

How deep are the pools?

                                           The depth varies from 3-4ft in front of the dam to less than 1ft in the shallow margins at the back of each pool. The shallow nature of the pools allows the temperature to rise quickly in the spring, this is critical to the success of a carp fishery. It sometimes takes a couple of visits to get used to the pools.                                       

Do the pools fish in the winter?

                                                        Yes, despite the popular belief that carp tend to become dormant in the winter, these pools produce steady numbers of fish even at low temperatures. The main difference is that the winter feeding tends to be concentrated on 3-4 swims on each pool. This can limit availability of good swims in winter months. Pools 4+ 5 are more sheltered giving an advantage under poor conditions.

What are the best baits?

Winter:  Maggot and worm tend to get the roach feeding on cold days. The Carp feeding tends to build later and often take sweet-corn, bread and pet-food as the day progresses.

Summer:        You name it, They'll take it!

               As the temperature rises in April and May

               the carp feeding takes off in the build-up to

                spawning in late  May, to mid-June.

   Popular reliable baits are:

               Bread, Sweet-corn, cheese

               Pet-foods, Luncheon-meat.

               Shell-fish, Trout-pellet pastes.

               Maggot, worms, casters.



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